Ed Westwick Shows Off Some Fur On ‘Gossip Girl’ Set [PHOTOS]

'Gossip Girl' Takes LA
Blake Live and Chace Crawford film in Venice, CA.
Prior to transforming in to Chuck Bass on the set of Gossip Girl today (July 31, 2012), Ed Westwick gave us a little taste of his man fur as he was outside his trailer in New York City.

According to Michael Ausiello’s mouth-watering blind item on TV Line, it’s possible that Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck will “immediately” walk down the aisle during Gossip Girl’s sixth season premiere on October 8th. It’s a blind item, so one can’t know for sure.

Gossip Girl season 6 kicks off on the CW on October 8th and according to the network president is expected to wrap for good by Christmas.