Ed Westwick: ‘My Mom Is Disappointed I’m Single’

Ed Westwick Goes Digging!
The 'Gossip Girl' is caught in the act!
Ed Westwick Poses
Ed Westwick strikes a pose for Philipp Plein.
Ed Westwick On Set
Ed Westwick looking good on the set of 'Gossip Girl'
26-year old actor Ed Westwick is single and his mom isn’t too happy about it. Really?! I think my mom likes when I’m single because I’m always home and she can have me all to herself.

The British stud is best known for his ladies man role on Gossip Girl, however, he’s on the market. “I am single, much to the disappointment of my mother, who I’m sure would love to see me settled down soon,” the eligible bachelor laughed to the latest edition of British InStyle. “I’m a massive foodie but not the greatest chef. I need a girlfriend to cook for.” Can you cook for me Ed? I love food but…I don’t want to be your girlfriend, Taylor Swift might.

The popstar did a song for the movie Romeo and Juliet. Just don’t break her heart Ed, because she WILL write a song about it.

Ed’s latest project is Romeo and Juliet, where he plays Tybalt. Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for the Shakespeare adaptation, he’s also behind the hit series Downton Abbey.

Could an arranged marriage be in the stars for Ed? Wait, weren’t Ed and Jessica Szhor just together in September??? Gosh, nothing ever lasts in Hollywood.