Ed Westwick Debuts His New Moustache & Disheveled Look After A Night Of Partying

Ed Westwick Poses
Ed Westwick strikes a pose for Philipp Plein.
Umm, Ed Westwick, are you OK?

The former Gossip Girl star was looking a little worse for the wear last night (June 17) as he was helped out  of Cirque Du Soir Nightclub in London around 4am.

Also, we need have a very serious discussion about that mustache. Why, why Ed? You are seriously one super sexy dude, so why do you insist on putting this weird thing on your face? It’s not even a good mustache. It’s something between porn-stache meets dirt on your face. Ed, this is not OK. 

For real, that boy must have all the alcohol in the world last night because he can barely stand up straight. He’s like a drunk trucker gone bad. I mean, obviously you’re very attractive because you’re Ed Westwick, but still. I think you need to play some soccer to work and work this drunkenness off.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of disheveled and mustached Ed. Are you as horrified by it all as we are? Let us know in the comments!