Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford Look Wickedly Sexy For ‘Gossip Girl’ [PHOTOS]

Chace Crawford
The 'Gossip Girl' star posed with Emma Roberts.
Seriously, could the men of Gossip Girl be any sexier? Just look at Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford! It’s like someone put all the happiness in the world in a blender and out popped these two lovely lads. Ed and Chace were spotted on the set of the hit show doing what they do best–wearing fabulous clothes. 

Last week we spotted Ed wearing a fabulously sexy suit and this week he’s in some sort of tuxedo thing. Also, he’s wearing red sock. Only Chuck could get away with that. This week it was Chace’s turn to sport the suit and boy does he do it well. I love photos from the Gossip Girl set because everyone is always dressed to the nines.  

Don’t you sometimes wish you could be friends with Ed and Chace? That way you could just stare at them and it wouldn’t be weird cause you’re friends! Until that happens, feel free to stare away at all the photos in the gallery. Also, red socks. Can’t get over it!