Eccentric Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment”

Adam Lambert, season eight “American Idol” runner-up, is the glam rocker with rule breaking style and crooning vocals. In an interview with Reuters, Lambert details the where “American Idol” exposure has lead him; his music, his way; and his debut album “For Your Entertainment” releasing Nov 23.

Lambert describes “For Your Entertainment” as having throwback elements reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. And although he’s known for his classic rock on “Idol”, the majority of tracks are commercial pop. That doesn’t mean he’s giving up the glam rocker inbred in him. He intends on filling the male performer role needed, keeping to theatrical and over the top performances. Just look at the album cover, which he calls a “whole David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust thing where you think he is an alien.”

Although he found success in musical theater, making the decision to audition for “Idol” gave him the opportunity he sought. “I wanted to be more active in the creation of what I was performing… I just wanted to make my own thing,” said Lambert. Since then he’s become a recognizable face, making headlines when he publicly announced he was gay and enjoying the life of a Hollywood.

Still, Lambert claims, “when I’m just living my own day-to-day life, I roll out of bed and I’m a guy.” Hmm… a guy who wears eyeliner, four finger rings, blue plaid shirt, black nail polish, and black calf length boots. Blaming it on promotional stuff, Lambert really know how to optimize girl time!

“I’m nice. But I’m weird. Maybe eccentric is a better word. I’ll pick that label.”

Gallery Info: Adam Lambert arrives at the Nokia theatre for the American Music Awards rehearsals.