Early Evening Snack: World Reels As Colin Farrell Swears On SNL and More

Colin Farrell says “I shit you not” on SNL
The world makes it to Sunday. [whatevs.org]
If You Want Some Of The Purest Heroin, Visit New Jersey
Congrats to New Jersey with a 71% purity! It’s a sad day in San Francisco, their heroin purity level is at a measly 12%.
Mishca Barton Boozes It Up
I’m sure it’s just prep work for her boozey OC character. [LA.com]
Ellen DeGeneres Lands Portia de Rossi
I’d even do Portia de Rossi. [Page Six]
The Foreign Press Loves Sideways, Jamie Foxx and Desperate Housewives
And The Aviator and a bunch of other stuff. [HFPA]