‘Dancing With The Stars’ Muscle Pull Drama!

Cristian de la Fuente injured himself last night on Dancing With The Stars, pulling a muscle in his arm. Check out the video to see all the gory drama. My favorite part is when his partner Cheryl Burke falls to the floor in a whirlwind of tropical frillies after he can’t dip her successfully, and then tries to get him to pick her up from the floor with his injured arm! She’s so Mensa! The dude’s in obvious pain but she wants to swing on his pipe like it’s a damn jungle gym! Dumbass!

Sources say that Christian might not be returning to DWTS, and might even have to have surgery for his injury. Producers and dancers will have an informational meeting today on what the dilly is. Cheryl Burke will probably bring weights for Christian to work out with. Maybe she can have an arm-wrestling competition with him. Jesus, Cheryl, you’ll be on again next year! Relax!

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