Dwayne Johnson Is Grateful For The Chance To Wear A Tutu

Dwayne Johnson, seen here leaving The Late Show With David Letterman in New York yesterday, came from very little and finds himself very grateful for the opportunities he has. “Considering my past and the environment I was raised in, the trouble I got into, I probably shouldn’t be talking to you about doing great movies.” Yes, we are talking about The Tooth Fairy a movie that has something to do with Johnson going from a hokey player to a tutu and wings.

He is thrilled though at the chance to work with Julie Andrews, Billy Crystal and to deliver what he sees as message about dreams and empowerment to children. With all his talk about how much adults have an influence on the lives of children I started to feel like something really deep was going on, but the man is a tooth fairy.  “I don’t mind making fun of myself” he says. ” I like self-deprecating comedy. But, I’d like you to laugh with me occasionally, too.” Which one will you be doing?