Dwayne Johnson Shows Off His Guns In The Name Of ‘Pain And Gain’ [PHOTOS]

Look At Those Guns!
More on-set footage from the set of 'Pain and Gain'.
Dwayne Johnson was in Las Vegas this week to help promote G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which is where he was asked about another of his upcoming beefy action movies:  Pain and Gain. Other than another photo opp to show off his arms (which, fyi, are bigger than my head!), he also is playng a barman caught up in the schemes of his friends, a real-live duo called the “Sun Gym Gang.”

This is one of Michael Bay’s lowest budget movie to date, but Johnson thinks that it won’t leave audience unimpressed. Bay’s “passion project” for years, Johnson claims that Bay’s new movie will be able to take his natural spirit, and “engage it in a passion project that he loves. I think out of that we’re going to find some really special things.”

Ehh, I’m not entirely sold (hasn’t this movie been done before? Hasn’t Johnson done this before?), but I guess we’ll see. No confirmed release date for Pain and Gain, but you can look forward to G.I. Joe: Retaliation hitting theaters on June 29th.