Dwayne Johnson Proves He Remains Both ‘Fast And Furious’ In The Movies, As Well In The Ring [PHOTOS]

On the set of his upcoming film, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, is morphing into character for Fast Six. By working out at the gym in London, Johnson sports chiseled abs and heroic-looking arms.

The Rock is certainly getting harder, by reputation and physical appearance, along with co-star Tyrese, as they train for a rigorous filming schedule. He showcases his endurance and strength with MMA Fighter, Gina Carano, as they scale a wall.

Dwayne Johnson has become a commodity for action films. So don’t expect anything but full blown entertainment and super human stunts in the upcoming theatrical release. While his acting skills are somewhat debatable, his eye candy physique compensates for his lack of inertia on the big screen.

Despite all the action roles, Johnson may be looking to get back into comedy. 

He’s been loosely attached to the film Dan Mintner: Badass For Hire. No word yet on if he’ll actually take on the role.