Dutch Footballer Robin Van Persie Shows Off His Very Hot Shirtless Body After The World Cup

And please note that I mean “footballer” in the European sense of the word.

But guys! Finally! The body type I like and it’s not Justin Bieber! Instead it’s Robin van Persie, striker for Manchester United and captain of the Netherlands national team. The sports stud is currently vacationing with his family in Barbados, after the Netherlands took third place in the World Cup.

I bet he’s pleased, I mean obviously you want to win first, but third isn’t that bad. 

And now he gets to enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation with his wife and kids. And show off his body for us to ogle at. See, this is what I mean when I say I like Justin Bieber’s body type, and thank goodness Robin’s isn’t covered in ugly tattoos.

Launch the gallery to appreciate all the photos of Robin. Clearly soccer men are my type. Who knew?