Dunst Knocked Up?

November 29th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Tyler Durden, one of my blogging gods, reports that Kirsten might be with child.

She has been spotted wearing baggy clothing, ordering big boxes of sweet chocolaty treats, and overheard complaining of lower back pain and nausea during filming. Her rep denies that these tell-tale signs are signaling that Kirsten is a mom-to-be, but her interest in co-star Tobey Maguire’s newborn daughter suggests otherwise. Kirsten has become fascinated by details about the pregnancy of Tobey’s fiancée, Jennifer Meyer, asking how she dealt with morning sickness. When Tobey replied that Jennifer felt awful throughout the entire nine months, Kirsten just groaned, “Oh great!”

I think this is reading into things a little much.

On a related note, since I started reading, appreciating and then writing blogs I’ve been taken aback with how much people hate Kirsten Dunst. Seriously, I think she’s right under Pol Pot and neck-in-neck with O.J. on the most evil roster. What did this ho do? It’s like she’s the character in a soap opera who mysteriously came to town and didn’t tell you that she was your long-lost daughter, and then seduced your new husband, and then kidnapped her infant step-sister to pass off as her own, and then stole the perfume company out from under you. And then vomited on a puppy. All I know is, I don’t plan on ever being seen out with Kirsten. I might get caught in the crossfire. I guess no one saw Bring It On. *sigh* I love that movie.

Kirsten Pregnant? [What Would Tyler Durden Do?]

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By J. Harvey

  1. EraserFan

    Bring It On was great for two reasons:

    1. Eliza Dushku was in her hotness prime, and her ass was hot and so was everything else on her.

    2. All the [female] cheerleaders on the East Compton Clovers were H-O-T.

    Speaking of football, everyone getting excited for the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday? GO HUSKERS!

  2. missy

    she’s fun. i don’t know why she’s so hated.
    remember “all i wanna do” (aka strike)?
    and drop dead gorgeous
    and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

  3. moonmaid

    I like her. People rag on her because she isn’t perfect – her teeth are crooked and she looks messy sometimes. In other words, she is human, not a plasticized Jessica Simpson ho type.

    She’s got a helluva lot of acting talent, too.

    I guess hating Kirsten Dunst is the new black.

  4. Draya

    Kirstin was in “Small Soldiers”. It was cute kids movie!

  5. Small Fry

    Acting talent my ass! She’s right up there with Keanu Reeves in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I love that she embraces her own weirdness, but a great actress she is not!

  6. Samantha

    That is such a joke! If she does get pregnant any time soon, she will be a horrible mother. She can barely take care of herself! The baby would be addicted. Probably won’t be to pretty either.

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