Dumbass II (Jamie Foxx Edition)

August 24th, 2007 // 68 Comments


So Jamie Foxx opened his stupid mouth and defended Michael Vick. Why are people acting like the O.J. jury? I always though Jamie Foxx was a dumbass but now I find him to be THE dumbass. Shut up and continue thinking you’re Ray Charles, you pompous wackjob.

“It’s a cultural thing, I think,” Jamie said. “Most brothers didn’t know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn’t know that was Fed time. So, mike probably just didn’t read his handbook on what not to do as a black star.”

“I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don’t get time,” Jamie continued. “I think in this situation, he really didn’t know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt.”

What not to do? We’re not talking cave paintings here. An adult male should know better than to torture animals. If your friggin’ backyard is looking like doggie Dachau, there’s an issue. Someone please send Ving Rhames’ dogs to Jamie’s house, too. Pinhead.

By J. Harvey

  1. foxxisanass

    Well jaime foxx, you idiot. If black people contributed to society instead of sucking the marrow from it..most cultures would think different of negros.
    1. blacks make up over 75% of the prison population.
    2. over 50% of black americans live in poverty level, collect welfare, breed like cockroaches.
    3. over 62% of blacks are illiterate…FACT
    4. Most blacks don’t want to work hard to get ahead, would rather sell drugs, collect welfare, smoke crack, hook, hang out on porches, make babies with 3-4 different guys..marrying none of them.
    5. this doesn’t even touch their roots in africa..they kill, rape, steal, and mutilate each other by the thousands over there..EVERY DAY.
    6. More blacks have AIDS than any other race..FACT
    7. SOLUTION: send them all back to Africa. Throw them to the wolves. Make them take care of their own before they are allowed to integrate into a civilized society. And watch them wipe out an entire race within 100 years or less. Cause I’m sick of dealing with them and giving them my damn hard earned tax money.

  2. Oh No!


    Another racist rant. Oh keep it coming.

    You tool!

    I can surely pull up more crap on your race, but I am not a racist, thank God, and I will not stoop to your idiotic level!

    The white race is not evil, but YOU ARE! Burn in hell you ugly, inbred, backwoods loser!

    Go back to your child porn sites! Swinging on a Sunday night?

  3. addendum


    Blacks could start being the nicest people alive and people like YOU would still criticize them because of their “looks” and “features” because you don’t want to give up your position of feeling superior. That’s how all this race crap got started in the first place. Someone looked in the mirror and deemed himself as the cream-of-the-crop and better-looking than others and began looking down on his fellow human beings and judging a person’s character based on race. It goes back much earlier than Africa. It goes back to the beginning of society.

    Even if blacks completely disappeared from the face of this earth, he world isn’t suddenly going to start becoming better. Since it began it has eroded and will continue to do so. All races have continued to become more evil over time. Whites are no excetion. One day, your superior-feeling “offspring” will be just like everybody else, drowned out by mixing in with all the other races.

  4. Disheartened

    White people fail to realize there is more than one America but that is your perogative when you run the place. Sadly, when complete assimilation is the ultimate goal, we will continue to fail. Explanations that are offered will continue to be seen as “excuses” as long as they do not fit neatly into your little cultural context. It’s amazing… How many people died in Iraq this week and ya’ll sweatin’ some dogs.

  5. to disheartened

    uh, BIG DIFFERENCE: the ADULT soldiers CHOOSE to be there

    Vick cannot be excused for his evils simply because other evils are being committed in this world. That’s the most backwards sh!t I’ve ever heard!

    “That murderer shouldn’t go to jail- he only killed ONE person- he’s no Hitler!”

    “He shouldn’t be punished since they raped an adult- at least it wasn’t a child!”

    that would be a GREAT world to live in. UGH

  6. another thing

    oh, and the comparisons to hunting are completely asinin.e

    if it wasn’t for hunting, the overpopulation of deer would rampantly spread disease, and many PEOPLE would die because of it. the animals weren’t BORN AND BRED TO BE TORTURED. The whole point of hunting is to kill the animal as quickly as possible- one shot.

    Dogfighting is barbaric, to say the least…

    Unrelated, but Foxx has always been an overrated arrogant prick, what’s new there? I’m glad all of these ignorant people are making excuses for him- expose them for who they are! This isn’t a race issue, it’s a cruelty issue.

  7. who cares?

    Random fact: Vick could face a year to 18 months in jail for dogfighting.

    Sabrina Harman got six months.

    Who’s Sabrina Harman?…one of the infamous torturers of Iraqis (who are humans by the way) in Abu Ghraib.

    Why would anyone speculate the presence of a race issue?
    Sarcasm included

  8. anti

    this is not about race, this is about what an asshole shit head vic is. he is sick , why are some people excusing his actions because he is a well paid, and well known athlete. he should be punished jsut and anybody else would, no more and no less. but he is kind of sick

  9. oh pu-lease!

    Race issues are so prevalent b/c they exists on all sides. THAT is the reason we will never assimilate. Racism will always exist, whether it’s black, white, Asian or on the basis of religion (Muslim), b/c people like Jamie Foxx are just as guilty of perpetuating it as the KKK is.

    What Michael Vick did was wrong. And he knew it was wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to hide the operation in the woods. From what I have read, he was even warned in the past. He knew what he did was wrong, and yes, he deserves to lose his celebrity status for it. Just as I believe anyone, regardless of race, should. There would be just as much public denouncement if this was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady b/c we are speaking out against the person’s action and not the just person himself.

  10. nastybugger

    to who cares?…

    keep in mind, that case was heard in a military court. just because the military didn’t give her as much time as Vick is facing is not really evidence that Vick’s bust was racial.

    the military court system and the civilian justice system are very different.

  11. Oh No!

    Disheartened — I cannot agree with you. When you do the crime, you must do the time. We have to punish ALL bad behavior. Certain crimes are particularly evil and vicious. They reveal a sick, unstable mind, so they deserve a harsher punishment.

    I read that in Georgia two brothers put a live puppy into an oven and burned it to death. You don’t have to be any particular race — I cannot fathom ANYBODY committing such an act of evil on any living thing. How could you not imagine the pain and suffering of that dog? Their black, male laywer obviously didn’t have a heart for the animal. He couldn’t relate. He probably thought that it was a dumb dog. The boys’ father also couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. All they cared about was sparing those boys (they were practically men) a long sentence in prison because the boys had a bad life, didn’t have their father around, etc. In the end, I believe one or both got 10 years and the attorney cried.

    Many criminals later feel remorse. Some made stupid mistakes they wish to God they could erase. It doesn’t matter. They still have to pay for what they did.

  12. What the?

    I live in Chicago and I see dogs that are obviously used for dog fights – their “owners” walk them around with enormous chains and the dogs have huge scars all over them. I guess if “cultural” means scumbag then he’s right. This is definitely not a race issue b/c it’s not just black people doing dog fighting – I’ve seen all races involved in this. Oh and by the way, these dog fighting scums will take stray dogs (or your lost dog wandering the street) and use them as sparring partners for their fighting dogs. And guess who wins in that fight? So for someone to defend these scumbags saying “what about bull fighting or hunting”, it’s just simply not the same thing!

  13. Zekers

    Well, Mr. Vick has “found the Lord” and is now sorry for his “immature” behavior. He says he needs to “grow up”…he says he’s “sorry”…that he got caught?
    He also said he “never blamed anyone else” for his dog-fighting enterprises…yet, I seem to remember he was going to let his buddies fall, until they turned on him…
    This was taken from his press conference this morning, he refused to answer questions and he cried.

  14. stolidog

    stop with the race shit.

  15. Oh No!

    So Vick says he’s now found God, huh? Yeah, right. God was there all along telling him, “Vick, don’t do it,” but he had to be a hardhead.

    Vick is not sorry… yet… if ever. This wasn’t an act of self-defense. How do you instill empathy and caring into someone like this? Vick calculated, planned and killed who knows how many animals over what period of time? I hope for his sake he will be sorry.

    Pain often brings about change in humans. I think Michael Vick needs to be financially ruined so that he goes to the pits of hell in his soul and then cries, suffers and begs and pleads to his God for mercy. Then, maybe slowly he can emerge with a new and better outlook on how he should live his life. To keep him on track, he needs to dedicate a good part of his life to giving back to the victims by working with the animal rights organizations to put an end to dog fighting and abuse.


  16. T-Bone

    That’s the thing! This shouldn’t be a race issue. ALL human beings should be disgusted and disturbed by Vick’s (and others) inhumane acts! Had this been a white quarterback, PETA and the Animal Humane Society would still have protested, and no one would have stood outside of a courtroom with signs saying “WE LOVE SO AND SO…”, other than the guy’s mother. SO NO ONE should be supporting this guy! Yes — forgiveness is necessary, after he’s done his time and turned over a new leaf. But the guy needs serious jail time, community service, and a whole lot of financial payback to the NFL. He also needs to sincerely apologize to all of the children he’s hurt. And he should NEVER play football again! Let that be a lesson to all of the other professional thugs of the world!

  17. Zekers

    Yeah, I agree Oh No!
    As I was listening to him speak on the radio, he just kept saying he apologized, over and over again. He also blamed his involvement in dog fighting on his own immaturity…didn’t wash for me. I still get the sense that the ONLY thing he is sorry about is getting caught…

  18. Zekers

    …I understand that the NFL is looking into taking their multi-million dollar contract away from Vick, that would be a start.
    I can’t even speak to this whole “race issue” anymore because we ALL know it is not…unless, again, we call it a “human race” issue!

    Off to meetings…Hi T-Bone!

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