Duchess Kate’s (Garden) Party: The Royal Holds Court At Buckingham Palace

May 29th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge joined her in-laws for an afternoon garden party today at Buckingham Palace, one of a few hosted every summer by Queen Elizabeth (Katie Couric attended one last Tuesday ahead of her royal special tonight on ABC).  This one is particularly special, as it precedes Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, beginning June 2nd.

The gal of the hour recycled a $2000 pleated Emilia Wickstead dress for the festive occasion, mingling with guests who lined up for a chat.  Her Royal Highness wore the pink number to a foreign royals luncheon at Windsor castle on May 18th.

Catherine had a laugh with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on the steps of the palace before greeting more than 8,000 eager partygoers.  The former Kate Middleton accessorized with a Jane Corbett hat, and her trusty “Natalie” clutch and “Sledge” shoes by LK Bennett.  “It’s very nerve-wracking facing such a sea of people but great fun,” Catherine was overheard saying to people, according to the Telegraph.  “Everyone looks so pretty dressed up.” 

One guest in particular caught Catherine’s attention, as she found out they had a lot in common.  Bethan Haynes, whose husband is a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, is from Anglesey, where Catherine lives with Prince William.    ”She really perked up and said how much she loved living there,” Mrs. Haynes told the Telegraph.

“We were chatting about what Welsh she has learnt and she said the two words that always stick out at her are araf, which means slow, and heddlu, which means police. We had a laugh about that.  It was clear that she loves being in Wales very much and enjoying the chance to have a normal married life.”

Joanne Roberts, wife of Captain Lee Roberts of the 4th Battilion The Rifles, also had a chance to speak with Catherine.  “I asked her how it was being a newly-wed and she said she was loving every minute. She said she was so busy doing something every day and if she wasn’t working at an official engagement she was researching something to do with her work.”


By Kelly Lynch

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