Duchess Kate Wears Jeans On A School Charity Visit, Kids Ask “WTF?”

HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge went on a secret fact-finding mission last Wednesday (November 16th) to learn more about The Art Room, an art therapy charity that had reached out to Her Royal Highness regarding her patronage.

Since this was a private visit rather than an official one, Catherine chose to dress down in jeans and a sweater.  The children, who had been waiting outside to meet Catherine, were expecting something a bit more magical.

A woman who was picking up her brother at the Robert Blair primary school told the Daily Mail, “When she [Catherine] came out of The Art Room after the visit, Mr Miller walked her to her car. She posed for a picture and waved at the children before she was driven off. Some of the little ones were very confused. They were saying things like, ‘She doesn’t look like a Princess. Where’s her dress?’ They didn’t believe it was the Princess they had seen on the television.”

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Despite no glitz and fairy dust, one mom was very excited about the duchess’s visit.  “We all got a text message from the school. All the children waited for her outside in the car park and they got to wave at her,” the mother said.  “We were told there were nine students in The Art Room who got to meet her. The children said she was very pretty.  Some of the older children said she looked skinnier than she did in the photos.”

Catherine will announce which charities she will become a patron of in the new year.
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