Duchess Kate Was BAFTA’s Prom Queen Last Night

In a normal setting, celebs like Jennifer Garner, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, Guadalupe Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Barbara Streisand and James Brolin would get top billing.  Not last night, dear plebes.  Hollywood’s new MVP is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and at last evening’s BAFTA gala she was IT.  Dressed in the most gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown – a lilac number cinched at the waist – paired with earrings borrowed from the Queen and Jimmy Choo heels, Kate Middleton made even JLo a bit woozy with fascination.  BTW JLo, you couldn’t have covered up a bit more for royalty?  Show some respect!

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Hugs A Young Well-Wisher And Moves Us To Tears

I yawned as I flipped through red carpet photos of Blake Lively and Cat Deely arriving at the Belasco Theater BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AS IMPORTANT.  According to People, the vice chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts briefed the star-studded crowd before TRH’s arrival.  “They want to meet all of you. They will try and chat to all of you this evening.  When you meet them, you don’t have to bow and curtsy. You can call them whatever you feel: ‘Your Royal Highness,’ ‘Sir,’ ‘Ma’am,’ ‘William’ and ‘Kate’ – just as the mood takes you,” he explained.  I wonder if anyone called out William’s tan from yesterday’s polo match.

As BAFTA’s president, William gave a speech on the importance of recognizing new British talent.  “Catherine and I have been hugely looking forward to tonight’s event with its exciting cast, British and American,” the future king said.  “Thank you all so much for coming.  I believe great things will result. And now, as they say: “Lights, Camera, Action.'”

What a humbling experience last night must have been.  The Daily Mail quoted Jason Bateman as saying, “They are the ultimate media stars. We are faking it and getting paid for it. They are the real deal.”  Amen, brosef.  BTW, loved Horrible Bosses.  Total summer sleeper.

Hooray For Kate Middleton!