Duchess Kate Repeats Another Winning Look In Nottingham [PHOTOS]

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge recycled another one of her gorgeous outfits, this time the M Missioni tweed coat she purchased at The Stock Exchange Outlet in Berkshire England for an official trip to Fortnum & Mason in London March 1st.  She also recycled a navy blue Rachel Trevor Morgan hat worn to Victoria Barracks in Windsor June 25th, 2011 to present medals.  And let’s not forget the blue sapphire drop earrings.

Today, Catherine joined her husband, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth for a Diamond Jubilee tour of Nottingham.  While waiting for Her Majesty’s arrival on the royal train, William joked to flag-waving well-wishers on another platform, “Are you waiting for the same train we are?”

The Queen, wearing an outfit by Stewart Parvin and a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat, was happy to chat with residents, some who came out as early as 5am to get a glimpse of their monarch and sing a rousing rendition of “God Save The Queen.”  Unfortunately, the Duke of Edinburgh was unable to make the trip due to a bladder infection that sent him to hospital last week.

One lucky girl was among those chosen to present the royals with flowers.  Isabelle Weall, 8, lost part of her limbs after battling meningitis a few years back.  “We were really nervous. We had to stand in a line and then she came over,” Weall told the Daily Mail.  “She was really chatty. We were not expecting her to be so chatty.” 

According to royal reporter Richard Palmer, William started an obstacle course for the children, which made Catherine and the Queen.  Catherine even took part, helping to determine the parameters and even throwing a nerf-like object.