Duchess Kate Is Asked About Ruling England On Camping Trip [PHOTOS]

Kate Dons Navy
Middleton greeted well-wishers with William
The Duchess of Cambridge threw herself into a great engagement today (June 17th), visiting a camp in Wrotham, England where students from a North Westminster school took part in Expanding Horizons camp at Widehorizons Margaret McMillan House.

Wearing her tried-and-true Le Chameau wellies (about $470), jeans and top by Zara, a second layer by Burberry and a Really Wild jacket, Catherine got down to business with the 8 and 9-year-olds, checking out the tents they made, sitting by the fire and asking questions about their overnight experience.

The kids took part in a three-day camping trip, where they learned team building exercises including rope challenges, building a fire, outdoor cooking and obstacle courses.  One chivalrous lad, Zahid Shanvere, held open the flap to his teepee and said to the Duchess, “after you.”  This, of course, made her double over in laughter, according to the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English.

The kids confessed to Catherine that it was a little scary camping outdoors.  “What were you scared of? That a spider might creep in?” she asked.

“A mole,” Zahid told her with genuine fear.

“Oh no have you never seen a mole before?” she asked. 

And what about that particularly important job she’ll have one day?

While sitting around the campire enjoying bread on a stick, the children asked what it was like to be a royal.  “It’s very busy and great fun but I am very well looked after,” she told them.

Another asked Catherine “how long” she would “sit on the throne.”

“It’s actually not my job yet!” she said jovially.

Tigerlilly Smith, 8, told the Mail that Catherine shared with her how life as a new member of the House of Windsor has been thus far.  “We asked how it felt to be a princess and she said it was very nice and she got to visit lots of countries but hadn’t seen as many as William. She said William was very sweet and kind and spoiled her.”

Afterwards, Catherine boarded a helicopter to Gloucestershire, where she and Lupo watched William play in a polo match.  Tomorrow, the royal family will take part in the historical Order of The Garter Service at Windsor Castle.