Duchess Kate Glows At Zara Phillips’ Wedding, Recycles Another Outfit [PHOTOS]

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Countess of Strathearn when she’s up in Scotland) is untouchable.  True, her fascinator at Zara Phillips’ wedding looks a bit like a potato chip. BUT HRH wears it well.  And look!  There’s even a flower adorning the back.  As you’ve heard by now, Catherine recycled yet another outfit this weekend.  This time it was the same embroidered champagne coat she wore to Laura Lopes’ (nee Parker Bowles) wedding in May of 2006.  Here we are, five years later and Catherine looks more radiant than ever.  Love the diamond drop earrings, BTW.  Hope we can get a peek at what you’ll wear later tonight at the reception, held at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

PHOTOS: Another Wedding, Another Batch Of Hats

According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess once told a friend that she wasn’t interested in being a clothes horse.  Aware of the economic climate, Catherine reportedly said, “Times are tough; I cannot be expected to wear a new outfit for every royal engagement. I am not a fashion model.”  No, you’re not…YOU’RE BETTER.

We love you, Catherine.  Thank you for making it OK to be an outfit repeater (wasteful celebrities, take note!).