Duchess Catherine Makes A Track Suit Look Fashionable At The Paralympic Games [PHOTOS]

Kate's Hats
HRH and those jaunty headpieces
Honestly, how is it fair that Kate Middleton can put on a track suit and look like she’s going to a fancy party?

No wonder she’s currently the most popular royal. Duchess Catherine was spotted at the 2012 Paralympic games this weekend cheering on Great Britain’s rowing team. Clearly the good luck Kate charm worked as the team won gold in the event.

Sadly Kate’s partner in crime, Prince William, was missing from the event. I enjoy looking at how cute the two of them are together. Now, back to discussing how awesome Kate is. Really though, is there ever anything else that can be said about her?

Kate is probably hard at work getting ready for her Southeast Asia and South Pacific tours with William to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee. Kate even gets to make her own speech! Also, how many times is the queen going to celebrate her jubilee? Haven’t we been partying since like January?

In any case, it’ll just be more opportunities for William and Kate to be adorable and for Kate to wear more ridiculously awesome outfits. Everybody loves a good Kate Middleton outfit.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kate cheering on the team and just try and tell me she doesn’t make that track suit look flawless.

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