Duchess Catherine Looking Sporty In Hobbs, Joins Princes William And Harry At Coach Core Initiative [PHOTOS]

Kate Middleton got into Olympic spirit by joining Prince William and Prince Harry for the launch of a new sports project in London this afternoon – and chose sporty and casual dress from Hobbs for the occasion.

The royal threesome is at Bacon’s College, a secondary school in East London, playing sports with the kids and launching a new initiative called Coach Core. The project, aimed at London’s most impoverished areas, will provide training to talented young athletes, ages 16 through 19, who wish to become coaches.

Kate who showed off her athletic prowess even in a dress and wedges. The Duchess played some table tennis (ping-pong, to us non-Olympians) and also refereed some judo.

According to MailOnline, Wills made a short speech about Coach Core, which the trio’s charity is supporting, and he compared himself jokingly to a “giraffe on ice skates”, and mocked his brother for “cheating” to become fastest man in the world, referring to his race against Usain Bolt earlier this year. 

But he affectionately said that Kate was “a sight to behold with a tennis or hockey stick in her hand”.

He also said: “Over the next month, the eyes of the world will be on Great Britain. For us to hold the Olympic and the Paralympic Games here in London is a great moment for our Nation, which itself is steeped in sporting history.

“Therefore, for Catherine, Harry and me there could be no better way of starting this epic time than being with you here in Rotherhithe, so close to the heart of London 2012, to launch Coach Core.”

Kate Middleton and company, will attend a combined 25 Olympic events throughout the games. They will be in attendance for tennis, sailing, field hockey, equestrian events, and beach volleyball among other events.