Driver Crashes Into LeAnn Rimes House, Destroys Fence

Dude. Imagine coming home after a long trip around America to find your fence completely wrecked. That’s the sad truth that awaited singer LeAnn Rimes when she got home. According to reports, a drive with a suspended license crashed into a stop sign, then a light pole and topped it off with crashing into LeAnn’s and husband Eddie Cibrian’s fence. Ouch. I’m sure she had trouble smiling like this when she heard that.

Luckily no one inside the house was injured, although I doubt we can Say the same for the driver. Apparently, now this is not confirmed, police suspect alcohol was involved, as it often is in times like this. LeAnn was in North Carolina at the time of the accident and tweeted, “To address the accident that happened in front of our home this morning, everyone is ok and safe.”

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Here’s to hoping LeAnn had a sandwich to celebrate! Come on guys, we all know LeAnn is perfectly healthy. If her husband defended her weight then I’m sure nothing his wrong. Nope. Not a thing. At all.

What would you do if someone crashed into your fence and wrecked it? Apparently it messed with their power lines so they didn’t have any power in the house for a bit. I would freak out. Check out the gallery and appreciate how calm LeAnn looks getting into LAX to head home.