Drinking and Shopping With Hilary Swank

(Images have been removed at the request of owner.)

That is what the Irish should be known for. Hilary Swank came home from her visit to Ireland with a boat load of goodies. While in Wicklow filming “P.S. I Love You” she discovered more than just pubs and potatoes. The Irish designer Lainey Keogh managed to win over Swank’s heart. Keogh’s store on Dawson Street in Dublin made a profit as Hilary left with bags of clothing.

“Hilary and the girls were in just over a week ago on a day off for some personal shopping. They were obviously delighted to have some time to shop. They bought various different things and some lovely yummy Laineys, including cashmere coats, sweaters and scarves.” Lainey’s assistant gushed happily.

Well, the trailer to tinsel-town queen just went up a notch in my book.


Written by Cara Harrington

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