Drew Barrymore Transparently Trying to Meet Conor Oberst

Drew’s playing a songwriter in her new movie, so she’s feeling qualified to Diane Warren that shit. For Jenny Lews of Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service and Troop Beverly Hills. Ok, Troop Beverly Hills was a movie and not a hot band. But Jenny Lewis was in it as Shelley Long’s daughter and she gave a star-making performance. Oh yeah, Drew’s songwriting delusion:

DREW BARRYMORE became so inspired while portraying a songwriter in new romantic comedy MUSIC + LYRICS, she penned a tune for her favourite singer. The actress is hoping to present the song to indie pop singer JENNY LEWIS. The actress says, “I was listening to this album by Jenny Lewis called RABBIT FUR COAT; it was just my favourite album of 2006. “I was obsessed with it and she made me think I could write a song. It’s probably really terrible. “I actually know her, so I should show it to her and see what she thinks.”

She should write a song about how good she looked at the Golden Globes in contrast to her being able to play kickball with her knockers at the last awards show she attended. That improvment needs to be immortalized in song and verse.