Drew Barrymore Spotted Looking Suspiciously Like One Half of a Couple

Drew Barrymore turned up at the “Choose GOOD” block party in San Francisco, the cocktails for which were provided by 267 Infusions. Do you love how I find it important enough to mention what they were drinking? In any case, Drew showed up to the event with her buddy, Spike Jonze, and the two of them were looking pretty cozy together, according to a witness.

As you may or may not remember, there were some weak murmurings that Drew was hooking up with “Scrubs” star, Zach Braff, but now it looks like she’s back to Jonzie. At least for the time being. I’m hoping that at the very least, she’ll stay away from Zach, who makes me think that he probably spends way too much time looking at himself in the mirror, adjusting his hair and eyebrows and saying to himself, “Damn, I’m funny AND attractive. No wonder Mandy Moore dated me. I’m going to go write another movie about an isolated, sarcastic, dark, brooding young man at a crossroads in his life who encounters a quirky woman who makes him see things oh-so-differently. Maybe this time, I can bang Chloe Sevigny.”