Drew Barrymore & Justin Long: Still Going Strong

June 5th, 2009 // 7 Comments

While Drew Barrymore maintains that she and Justin Long are just “good friends,” this picture says otherwise. The pair were spotted walking hand in hand after taking in a Green Day concert.

The couple spent the evening at a romantic dinner together and here they are looking very much like a couple as Justin guides Drew through the throng of paparazzi.

Clearly, something is still going on between these two, romantically speaking. But what isn’t clear is what exactly Drew is wearing. Is that a child’s bedsheet?

Gallery Info: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long appear to be a couple.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jess

    That is actually Vivienne Westwood, and really great looking usually, but she wore it really stupidly; is she trying to cover ham-arm and hickeys?

  2. someone

    She looks like a homeless person!

  3. american dreamer

    Poor Justin Long is trying to screw his way to the A list by screwing one A list star after another

    Sorry Justin you ain’t talent enough for it

    Poor Drew is being used and abused.

  4. janey

    WTF is Drew wearing?

  5. Martiniman

    Looks like she is on a break from clown college!

  6. Zekers

    Drew looks totally wasted…

  7. Ygfpakvb

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