Drew Barrymore Harnesses Evil Forces To Grow Hair!

Ha!  I’m such a liar!  Ain’t I just the dickens?

Alright, real talk.  Us Magazine spotted Drew Barrymore with fabulous new extensions and I approve.  I like to think that Drew gives a rat’s butt what I think.  Let me have this.

Not to get too effusive here (I don’t want to damage my rep as a cranky old bitch), but I think Drew is adorable no matter what her hair looks like and I just love that she’s with Justin Long again.  They’re a cute couple and should have beautiful hipster babies together.

On a random note, what is the deal with these ginormous cups of tea that people are always slurping down as they walk about town?  I like tea as much as the next jerk, but I draw the line at paying 8 bucks for a bucket of flavored chai at Starfucks (OMG, I just made that up. Patent pending.).

Gallery info: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long at super-fantsaaay The Oaks Gourmet Market in LA on 1/29/10.