Drew Barrymore Good at Pointing Out The Obvious

January 9th, 2007 // 13 Comments

We seriously seriously seriously need a crotch shot or an overdose. Anyone? Britney? Pete?

Drew Barrymore attributes her fluctuating weight to her inability to exist on a continual diet. The star knows she would feel more comfortable in her own skin if she constantly watched what she eats.

She says, “I am so appallingly bad and erratic. I know that I’d have a better body and feel better if I did dieting more consistently.”

For those of you who were also unaware, 2+2 = 4 and fire is hot. Thanks, Drew. I say lop off those giant cow tits in some sort of breast reduction maneuver and you should be a little less weighty. Or at least keep them corralled at awards shows. Ugh.

Drew Barrymore Sucks at Dieting [Starpulse]


By J. Harvey

  1. jen

    i actually respect the fact that she’s honest about her eating and exercise habits, unlike many other starletts today who claim they are ‘naturally thin’ and don’t have to watch what they eat in order to maintain their waifish figures.

  2. S

    Didn’t she already have a breast reduction?

  3. EraserFan

    Let’s just leave it at this: if you can’t say something nice about someone, then you shouldn’t say anything at all.

    I can’t hold it… I think Drew Barrymore looks like what J.Harvey looks like in my imagination: a 40 year old hausfrau with choco stains on her housedress. I’m pretty sure Drew sits at home watching the Golden Girls too, J.Harvey! ROCK ON GIRLS!~!!!

  4. RaRa

    I think that comment was really rude! I know you are a celebrity blogger & thus feed into society’s standard of what is in/out but that was uncalled for. 1) She already had a breast reduction and 2) because she’s busty she’s got cow tits? Wow! As a busty woman (who yes, already had a breast reduction) some of us r just blessed in that area. Everyone doesn’t carry their weight on the bottom & that’s just fine.

  5. Cosina

    Drew is doing just fine. Don’t look now Harvey, but your prolapsed rectum is already showing Cranky one.

  6. lisa

    drew is the shit.

  7. Some of us can’t help the big cow boobs. Some of us don’t even think we need to go lop off our cow boobs or even die because we have cow boobs. You suck.

  8. Becks

    Well Aren’t we all a bit touchy on the cow tits comment! I thought it was funny as hell. We sure can dish it out but some of us just can’t take it! The moment someone makes a funny about something we can relate to (in this case many of you must have similiar “cow tits”), the horns come out. You all know her tits were way outta control at that Awards Show. And cow tits was a very good description!!!
    Rock on J. Harvey, keep doing what you do!

  9. Eva

    No one hear is getting touchy. I’m offended by this idiot’s lack of research and stupidity.

    1) Ms. Barrymore has gone on the record numerous times about her breast reduction, which was performed at least 10 years ago.

    2) As someone who was inspired by Ms. Barrymore’s candor regarding her operation, I underwent the same surgery. YOU can bitch at ME after 6,500 stitches (nope that’s not a typo) and 5 hours of surgery and 8 weeks of recovery.

    3) As someone who’s best friend lost her life “lopping” off her tits in an effort to save her life due to breast cancer, anyone who thinks that undergoing that type of invasive surgery with massive reconstructive issues is an idiotic shit-slice.

  10. sandy

    Most women over 30,who have had children, or who are bigger than a puny C-cup have “cow tits.” (Saggy or hanging.) It’s called nature. And they look a hell of a lot better than those plastic bags of deadly silicone that some idiots are putting in their bodies.

  11. She needs to just get stable… maybe do some jogging or SOMETHING! I still think that she is pretty.

  12. jojo

    so what if she or others think shes fat, id still screw her. id screw her brains out

  13. KL22

    Drew Barrymore is one of the most lovely and talented ladies out there. She is honest and humble and seems like a genuine, fun person to be around, unlike this celebrity blogger and some of the more cruel, chauvenistic commentators here. “Cow tits” is extremely rude and uncouth. I am a busty woman but slender at the same time and have had to fight horrible comments, lewd gestures and looks, and tried to hide my big bosom for years in baggy skater clothes. You who dare to make fun of a woman’s natural curves can go die somewhere. And you who would screw her brains out anyway – you’d probably screw anything with a pulse. Get bent. Then get some respect.

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