Drew Barrymore Good at Pointing Out The Obvious

We seriously seriously seriously need a crotch shot or an overdose. Anyone? Britney? Pete?

Drew Barrymore attributes her fluctuating weight to her inability to exist on a continual diet. The star knows she would feel more comfortable in her own skin if she constantly watched what she eats.

She says, “I am so appallingly bad and erratic. I know that I’d have a better body and feel better if I did dieting more consistently.”

For those of you who were also unaware, 2+2 = 4 and fire is hot. Thanks, Drew. I say lop off those giant cow tits in some sort of breast reduction maneuver and you should be a little less weighty. Or at least keep them corralled at awards shows. Ugh.

Drew Barrymore Sucks at Dieting [Starpulse]