Drew Barrymore Advises Aniston To Dump John Mayer

Drew Barrymore is a love ‘em and leave’ em kind of gal. So is it any wonder that the actress is rumored to have told her He’s Just Not That Into You co-star Jennifer Aniston to dump her boyfriend John Mayer.

A source revealed to the National Enquirer that when Aniston introduced her commitment-phobic boy toy to Barrymore, sparks flew…but not the good kind.

“They bickered for so long that Jen had to step in and change the subject,” the spy tattled. The source of their discord? Drew believes that John is only using Aniston for her fame. Sing it, girl! His cheating heart, reluctance to discuss the couple’s future together, bragging about past conquests, these are all a source of concern for Jennifer. As well it should be!

You know Courteney Cox is sending Drew a thank-you card right about now.

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