Drew Barrymore Gets in Tickle Fight with Photographers

Drew Barrymore proves that she still has love for the paparazzi after all in these pictures that have the 32-year-old actress/executive producer/director posing for an impromptu photo shoot. And Drew’s got plenty of reason to be giddy, as she is perched to make her directorial debut with a $10 million dollar budget for the film, “Whip It!”

Set to start production in Texas this summer, the film about a beauty-pageant contestant who ends up somehow competing in the arena of roller-derby. Oh, I get it–the wackiness of contrasting worlds colliding. Hilarious. I’m sorry–I really like Drew because she seems nice enough, and the movie’s starring “Juno” actress Ellen Page, who is also very charming–but it all just sounds like it has the potential to be uber-hokey. And I like my hokey shit, but even I have limits.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online