Drew Barrymore Gets Old-School Glam

It seems like there are a lot of pictures out there of stars shooting period pieces–or maybe I’ve just seen a lot of Angeline Jolie on the set of “The Changeling” and it’s all sort of blurring together. Here’s Drew Barrymore, looking pensive and quite stunning, on the set of “Grey Gardens,” her latest film. Barrymore is starring with Jessica Lange in the HBO Films production, adapted from the 1975 documentary that chronicled the lives of Jackie O.’s strange aunt and cousin. The word for crazy rich people is “eccentric,” so I guess that’s the term I should have used in my description. I feel like we never see Drew looking so serious, but I do think she looks fabulous–with her red lipstick and soft curls. I’d almost say I was inspired to start wearing red lipstick myself, except that I like to eat way too many messy foods to try and maintain that nonsense.

Photos: INFDaily.com