Drew Barrymore Gets Old-School Glam

October 23rd, 2007 // 10 Comments

It seems like there are a lot of pictures out there of stars shooting period pieces–or maybe I’ve just seen a lot of Angeline Jolie on the set of “The Changeling” and it’s all sort of blurring together. Here’s Drew Barrymore, looking pensive and quite stunning, on the set of “Grey Gardens,” her latest film. Barrymore is starring with Jessica Lange in the HBO Films production, adapted from the 1975 documentary that chronicled the lives of Jackie O.’s strange aunt and cousin. The word for crazy rich people is “eccentric,” so I guess that’s the term I should have used in my description. I feel like we never see Drew looking so serious, but I do think she looks fabulous–with her red lipstick and soft curls. I’d almost say I was inspired to start wearing red lipstick myself, except that I like to eat way too many messy foods to try and maintain that nonsense.

Photos: INFDaily.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jade

    she always looks like a silent film actress to me…kind of wish she was!

  2. gerard Vandenberg

    Yout TITS have reached the shape of fucking “TEA BAGS”!! I would say: go on and do something about it!!(BOOB and BRAIN-jobs?)

  3. Axeldee



  4. Ain't That The Truth

    Drew sent herself up on Saturday Night Live wearing a huge pair of fake saggy tits after the body and fashion critics had torn her apart after a braless appearance at an awards ceremony.Some suggested she have cosmetic surgery to stop the sagging. Her boobs have shrunk since that time through excercising and now some are saying she needs a boob job to make them bigger?

    Some people are just cruel to be unkind.

    Drew looks very lovely in those pictures. She ALWAYS look lovely and shouldn’t pay any attention to the body facists and fashion police.

  5. Interloper

    Every lady (and some of you guys) should be wearing a bra if you’re bigger than a B cup. Really, tits sag, it’s how it is. Drew always looks stunning to me. As for making her boobs bigger, she’s had breast reduction in the past (in her late teens I believe) so those puppies could be at her knees by now if she hadn’t. Most women with sizable boobs look like that without a bra. That dress isn’t really all that bra friendly however.

  6. blondie

    She looks absolutely gorgeous.
    And as a girl with 34D’s, I can honestly say that not all boobs sag.

  7. skinny fat

    This is some serious miscasting

  8. still love movies

    I read somewhere that the average IQ in the world is about 100…I just know that these people are driving in cars and cutting me off on the freeway…and they certainly frequent internet gossip blogs.

    I still love movies. I really love good ones and great ones even more. I don’t make movies, never even tried, but I’ve noticed that with the huge increase in celebrity culture the quality of movie being made has gone down. I wonder if there’s a connection there?

    In any case, I’d love to see this turn out to be a great film. I know Jessica Lange will give a great performance and I bet given half a chance Drew has it in her to give a great performance too.

    Give ‘em hell ladies!

  9. Can’t wait to see this. Drew looks amazing! She will prove herself in this role. She hasn’t done anything other than comedy in a while however she was great in her previous roles in drama. She will pull this off! Hot, hot hot!!!

  10. vira

    I’ve been Drew’s huge fan since Never Been Kissed. She’s friggin’ awesome in and out. I know she can pull this off better than Riding in Cars with Boys, which is a mellow drama but she did good nevertheless.

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