Drew Barrymore Without Makeup

March 18th, 2005 // 26 Comments

Very plain Jane.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jt

    uh, honey, i’m sure you look worse than that.

  2. Christina

    I could totally see that one coming. She kind of looks like she’s going through an awkward phase.

  3. Laura

    Why is it that when they catch stars without their makeup, they also are unwashed and uncombed? Why do all have to go hand in hand? WHY?

  4. tDotBiotch

    she still looks fine as far as i’m concerned. let’s waste our time bashing those other ho ho ho’s…britney, paris, etc.

  5. Free Wheelin Frank

    Seems cute enough to me.

  6. Kaeiyleigh

    She looks like Kid Rock in that picture.

  7. Leo Tabasco

    I must say that I love Drew, with or without make up. She’s formidable!

  8. Steve

    Sweet Jesus!! She DOES look like kid rock in that picture a little. Drew’s cool in my book though.

  9. seychelles

    She looks better than me without makeup! Still a cutie in a Kid Rock type way hehe

  10. Tina Lee

    She looks fine and ok.
    Not like other celebrities.
    They look awful.

  11. DrewFan

    I’d still bang her. Does this mean i’d bang Kid Rock. Eh, who can say.

  12. PJ

    Lets be real guys, there are only a select few celebrities that are worth looking at without makeup. That is great though because it makes natural beauties, like myself, seem very rare.

  13. I think she looks fine without make-up. She still looks like Drew… just without make-up!!

  14. elicia

    i think she looks fine….not so bad after all

  15. She could have done a little better on the hair, but it’s OK,

  16. medea

    she is so cute! I bet Mrs. Diaz want look that cute

  17. avxgirl2003

    Why is everyone downing her. She is the typical girl next door. We’ve all had our bad face days, lighten up guys. Just because she’s a celebrity, doesn’t mean she isn’t human.

  18. heidi

    she looks fine eventhough without that tons of make up they put on celebrities. Have you seen Avril Lavigne without make up well thats the one you can bashed out

  19. Jessica

    look nice… or what. I never know what her next makeup. “ooh well”

  20. Ann


  21. Emma

    I like her shes not bad, but your right she looks like Kid Rock.
    A list of stars that really look like crap without makeup:
    Jessica Simpson
    Britney Spears
    Kirsten Dunst
    Carmen Diaz
    Lindsay Lohan
    Pamala Anderson

  22. virgo78

    She has bad skin

  23. Fae

    bad skin my ass!!!!! her skin is flawless!!! wtf are you smokin?

  24. Melissa

    Come on people!!!!
    She is HUMAN!
    We all have bad hair days and make-up.
    The cool thing is that is is comfortable enough to go out as……… HERSELF

  25. elizabeth

    she looks like a regular person…without makeup most of us minus a tan look washed out…its kindof sad that celebrities have to worry about being caught sans makeup and just cant be themselves…they have their good days and bad days like the rest of us ummmmm ‘humans’…..btw she has that great ‘Barrymore’ profile.

  26. Rayn

    I think it’s just a shame that ppl are so judgemental about physical characteristics. It’s so shallow and doesn’t convey even the basic intelligence most people are assumed to possess.

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