Drew Barrymore Does Yoga With Her Giant Baby Bump, Makes A Mad Dash To Her Meeting [PHOTOS]

Drew's Ring
Barrymore showed off her ring at 'GMA.'
Wow, Drew Barrymore! You are really, really pregnant.

The recently married actress was spotted in LA leaving her very fancy pre-natal yoga class. Well, we’re assuming it’s very fancy as Drew is pretty famous. Famous = fancy, right? One this is for sure, that is quite the baby bump. I know it’s supposed to be pre-natal yoga, but how do you even get into any positions with a baby bump like that?

We first noticed Drew’s tummy back in April, so she should be giving birth anytime now. I’m sure she just can’t wait to get that extra baby weight off. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so pregnant make such a mad dash to a meeting before. 

Drew was running so late to a meeting at CAA, probably cause yoga was so awesome, that she actually felt a need to run to it. Drew! You’re the star. You just walk slowly and take your time. That’s how it works.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Drew’s baby bump. Who do we think had the bigger belly, Drew or Jessica Simpson? I love comparing celebrity baby bumps! It’s the best!