‘Dreamgirls’ Hits London

January 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

It was an interesting mix of celebs at the London premiere of ‘Dreamgirls.’ However, the ladies looked stunning, with Beyonce striking her over the head pose once again.

Dressed to impress in a shimmering Elie Saab number, Beyonce had all eyes on her as she took to the red carpet bare-shouldered and without a coat.

“I’m not wearing it for long and it’s worth the pain,” she joked, when reporters commented on her choice of outfit.

The singer wasn’t the only person making a stylish impression at the premiere, however. Beyonce’s co-star Jennifer Hudson, who scooped the best supporting actress award at last week’s Golden Globes awards, was elegant in a classic Ben di Lisi gown, while Kelly Osbourne flattered her curves in a full-skirted black wrap dress. Reality TV star David Guest was also among the star-studded audience.

More photos (Beyonce, Graham Norton, Don Johnson, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osbourne) from the London premiere of ‘Dreamgirls’ after the jump.

Beyonce Supreme at ‘Dreamgirls’ London Premiere [Hello!]


By Jessica Marx

  1. Glenda

    Doesn’t look as if Beyonce did a good job of shaving her pits!

  2. Oh, no, not another pic of Beyonce’s pits!!!

  3. GreenEyedAngel

    LMAO!! Kelly Osborne looks like a Mr. Potato Head!! What’s with her, first she wanted to be “edgy” and different, then she comes out with pop/dance music, now “trying” to look female? LOL, She’s the damn Stay Puff Marshmellow man!!

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