Drake’s Instagram is Serious, Sexy, and Smokey (Pun Intended)

Drake Shops
The musical artist enjoys a shopping trip with friends.
So we checked out Drake’s Instagram this weekend and afterwards…nothing was the same. (

Seriously guys. He may have started from the bottom, but now his Insta-game is HERE. And you can bet that it is not going away anytime soon.

Okay, okay – all jokes aside, he really is at the top of the list when it comes to hot celebrity Instagrams and the best part is that he doesn’t even try to pretend he’s not hot. He knows it and he knows that we know it and he knows what we want. 

Which is serious, smoldering pics of him looking like a badass on the stage, or straight chillin’ on a couch with some artfully placed Siracha, or getting a casual lap dance from that girl with the most famous booty in Hollyhood (what up, Nicki Minaj).

Not to mention he has quite an abundance of “smokey” picture as well. From preforming with fog machines, to passing a lit blunt back and forth with his buddy, Drake really is burning up the insta-world.

Oh who are we kidding, he’s burning up the real world too.

Click the gallery above to launch all 12 of Drake’s hottest instagram photos and let us know which one’s are your favorites in the comments below!