‘Drag U’ Is In Session: Ask Pandora Boxx! It’s All In The Eyes

Ask Pandora
How do you achieve a more girlish figure?
It’s time for your weekly lesson from RuPaul’s Drag U professor Pandora Boxx! This week’s question proves that pencils aren’t for just doing your homework! Sharpen your skills and bring out your eyes in style, with a little help from Pandora! Our beauty question this week comes to us from Socialite Life reader Marc Palan, who asks: “Pandora, what are your favorite makeup techniques for opening and enlarging the eyes?”

Pandora says: Marc, a real simple technique is using a white eye liner pencil and lining the water line of your eye with it. If you want even wider eyes, you can also use white to line your bottom lash line too. Apply a darker liner underneath that. Using a white eye shadow on your lid can also make your eyes pop. Also, don’t connect your bottom eyeliner to the top at the corner of your eyes, leave it open and apply a light eye shadow there.

Pandora is just one member of RuPaul’s fierce fal-culty here to unleash your inner diva – to learn even more, check out an all-new episode of RuPaul’s Drag U, tonight at 9pm on Logo! This week, RuPaul’s hand-picked professors – Willam, Chad Michaels and Morgan McMichaels give some former beauty queens the confidence and beauty advice to help them take the runway – and the crown – one more time! Tamara Taylor from Castle is this week’s guest judge. From beauty queens to drag queens – don’t miss it!

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