Dr. Robert Rey Wants You To Look At His Chest [PHOTOS]

Judging from these pictures taken last night at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood, we’d venture to guess that Dr. Robert Rey called in sick today.  The miniature plastic surgeon from E!’s now-defunct Dr. 90210 just wants a few more minutes of fame so that he can tell you alllllll about his new book, Body By Rey.

Is it hot on the sidewalk, or is just Dr. Rey’s unbuttoned shirt, ill-fitting leather pants and various necklaces?  Someone else is driving home, right?  I wouldn’t let this hammy “doctor” put a band-aid on my cut, let alone lift my face.

PHOTOS: Why The Mesh Shirt, Dr. Rey?

It should also be noted that one should never trust a man in sleeveless scrubs.