‘Downton’ Curious: Lady Edith In A Wedding Gown? [PHOTOS]

'Downton Abbey'
The ladies of Masterpiece Classic at the BAFTAs.
Maggie Smith Leaving?
Is this Smith's last season on 'Downton Abbey?'
What the what?  First Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) fancied cousin Patrick, then she wanted to marry Sir Anthony Strallan, who injured his arm in the Great War.  And how can we forget that barn kiss with the farmer, which literally took place within eyeshot of his wife?

From the looks of of these photos, take on April 26th on location in Oxfordshire, England, Carmichael’s character may be getting hitched.  The British star wore an elaborate head piece on the set of Downton Abbey, and one photo sees her wrapped in a white dress and veil.

We do know that Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and her cousin/fiance Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) get married, as confirmed by Masterpiece US producer Rebecca Eaton.  So what’s with these photos? 

Lady Edith is know to get the short end of the stick, and she spent the better part of season one making Lady Mary’s life a living hell.  So will the unlucky middle sister finally get her happy ending?

No secrets have been revealed, and we prefer to keep it that way.