‘Downton Abbey’ Teases Highlights From Season Three [PHOTOS]

Fans of Downton Abbey can’t wait to welcome Shirley MacLaine as a guest star, if only to see her verbally slap the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) across the face a few times (and vice versa).  At a photocall Saturday (July 21st), MacLaine talked about reuniting with Smith and why she agreed to appear on the series.

The two women met several years ago at the Oscars, when MacLaine was nominated, but lost.  “You know what you did, dear?” MacLaine recalled Smith saying to her.  “You tucked right into that chocolate cake and said, ‘F*ck it, I don’t care if I’m ever thin again.'”

PBS screened footage from the upcoming season at the photocall, and Vulture got the scoop

1) Though Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary are all loved up and planning a wedding (“I’m looking forward to all sorts of things,” Matthew cheekily said to Mary when she asked if he was looking forward to their wedding), there will still be fighting and lotsa tears.

2) Remember the old dude who told Lady Edith he was too crippled to be with her because he was hurt in the war?  Yeah…that relationship ain’t over.

3) Poor Mr. Bates is still in jail, and Anna’s losing her mind trying to find ways to free him.

4) The family fortune is gone, Lord Grantham announces to everyone.  Total bummer.

5) Sybil and Branson return to Downton for a meal or two, but the former chauffeur gets lippy with Grantham about politics, forcing Carson to step in.

Ooooh we can’t wait!