‘Downton Abbey’ Season Four Finale Recap: The Americans Crash The Party

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Michelle Dockery Shows Off Her Fashion Skills
Here comes awkward Uncle Harold!

On the season finale of BBC’s Downton Abbey, the show jumped months ahead in time. Edith is back from her jaunt in Switzerland, Mary is still debating between Blake and Gilliham, and Lady Rose threw a ball.

Edith talks to the farmer Mr. Drewe and asks him to take in a child of her “friend”. Both of them know who the child truly belongs to and it will be interesting to see if local townsfolk make the connection. This is after she already gave the child to a nice Swiss family.

Mary tells Lord Gillingham that she isn’t really into Charles Blake because they are a mismatch, but Gillingham lets her know that Blake is actually set to inherit a shit ton of money from his uncle. So much money in fact, that it’s going to make Gillingham look middle class. Oh the horror! Mary definitely lets that stew in her mind.

While the family is in London attending Lady Rose’s ball, Tom Branson brings in his raucous political friends and Thomas rats him out to Lord Grantham. What a douche!

Cora’s corrupt brother from America comes to the ball with his daughter and both are looking for potential mates to bail them out of a nearly depleted family fortune. Harold was involved with the Teapot Dome scandal which Lord Grantham had to try and fix months earlier. The Prince of Wales is offended when Harold doesn’t give him the proper attention. Harold is very witty and biting up against the English customary bull shit and it’s wonderful to watch.

Speaking of the Prince of Wales, Lady Rose is flirting and getting into trouble there. The Prince’s girlfriend lets Rose know that she needs to back off. That jackass that ripped off Robert in cards a few months back shows up with Aunt Rosamund and finds a lovers letter from the Prince to his girlfriend. It will apparently shock the nation if word gets out, so Robert has Bates forge a letter to replace the one in Sampson’s pocket. Three cheers for criminal Bates!

Daisy gets hit on by a valet and then turns down an opportunity to go to America and cook. Ivy decides to take the opportunity instead which might line up Daisy and Alfred to get together.

Mrs. Hughes and Carson go to the beach together and hold hands and it is adorable.

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