What If ‘Downton Abbey’ Aired On The CW?

Pippa Goes 'Downton'
Middleton was in Northern Ireland for a wedding.
There are scandals aplenty on Downton Abbey, but what if the series belonged to the CW?  Can you imagine the shenanigans that would ensue in that massive home?  Fornicating in secret passageways, underage drinking in the garage.  Man, the possibilities.

In addition to the 8 fun-filled photos in our gallery, BBC America’s Anglophenia came up with a quiz to help you determine if your personality is more upstairs or downstairs.  Are you accustomed to a certain way of life?  Or do you insist on doing the washing while supper is on the table?

Let’s see, shall we? 

Aaand we can’t let you leave without first taking a look at a tumblr dedicated to Lady Edith Grantham.  It’s high time we put the spotlight on the most tragic member of the Abbey.  I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since the Turk dropped dead while atop Lady Mary.

Launch the gallery for eight storylines that could work if Downton got soapier.