‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: The Worst Thing Ever Just Happened

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Well, that was truly awful.

On this episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey, things seemed to be going a little better now that Mary isn’t so super duper depressed. Lord and Lady Grantham decided to host a party at Downton and hopefully find some new suitors for Mary.

This happened to be the worst idea ever. One of the show’s most beloved characters endured the most terrible thing and the writers didn’t hold back in portraying a very disturbing scene.

One of Mary’s suitors is Lord Gillingham who is accompanied by his valet Mr. Green. Anna seems to get along with him and they joke around and play cards while Anna’s husband Mr. Bates looks on. The staff is invited to the party to enjoy the musical talent of a famous opera singer. While the rich folk and the staff enjoy the private concert, Anna goes downstairs for a moment and is attacked and then subsequently raped by Mr. Green. Although viewers weren’t shown Anna being attacked, we did have to hear her screams and it was absolutely heartbreaking to witness.

Mrs. Hughes finds her hiding away after the incident. She is beaten, bruised, and in emotional hysterics. Rather than report the incident immediately, Anna begs Mrs. Hughes not to tell a soul. She doesn’t want Mr. Bates to find out the news and kill the bastard who has done this terrible thing. Because sadly, Mr. Bates is a loose cannon and even though the guy deserves it, he would screw everything up over his rage. So the two women vow to tell no one and Hughes helps Anna clean up.

The most disheartening thing about the subject of rape as portrayed in this episode is the statistical likelihood that most victims will never report their rapes. Even today, victims feel like they are somehow in the wrong, that they have brought on their own attacks, and may have deserved it somehow. This is never the case. Victims of rape should never feel guilty. Victims of rape are never at fault. If Anna would report her incident to authorities she could save another girl from being harmed or attacked in the future. However, considering the terrible emotional damage this type of attack can cause for victims, it is understandable why victims are apprehensive to report. As portrayed, back then things were even more complicated as women did not have as many rights as they have today. Poor Anna!

Other stuff that happened that pales in comparison:

- Moseley gave up his pride and accepted a job from Carson, even though he was so annoyed that he had to wear white gloves. The horror!

- Rose finds Matthew’s old gramophone in the attic and decided to bring it out during the party so everyone could dance. Mary was a little upset about it, but brushes it off.

- Mary is kind of toying with the idea of liking Lord Gillingham, but he is currently engaged. Although it seems like he would certainly break it off if she were to ask him.

- Edith’s husband-to-be wanted to prove himself to Lord Grantham and had the perfect opportunity. One of Gillingham’s boys Sampson was a card shark and won money from Lord Grantham by cheating and so Edith’s boy Michael won it all back and then some, gaining his future father-in-law’s respect. And can we mention how big of a douche Lord Grantham is being lately? Why can’t he be honest with Cora and just trust his daughters more? Good heavens.

- Edna is trying her best to ruin Tom Branson’s life. She keeps sticking her nose in his business.

- Grandma Violet notices that Matthew’s mother Isobel is still super sad and she tries to get closer to her in order to help her get out of the doldrums.

What will Bates do when he finds out about what happened to Anna? What did you think about this week’s episode?