‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Mr. Bates Is About To Blow

Chelsi Archibald | January 28, 2014 - 6:00 am

Ed Speleers Shirtless
Jimmy From Downton Struts His Stuff At The Beach
Go insane. Go insane.

That’s what Bates is thinking on this week’s episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey when he finds out that his wife Anna has been raped and that she and Mrs. Hughes are attempting to keep it a secret because they fear he is going to go apeshit.

It’s a valid fear. Bates has been known to be unstable in the past. Hughes finally spills the beans, but leaves the name of the perpetrator a secret. But Bates has his ways.

“Nothing’s over and done with, Mrs. Hughes … I understand and I won’t press you — but beware, nothing is over, and nothing is done with,” said Bates.

Meanwhile, Alfred is learning how to cook by taking lessons from Daisy. He travels with Lady Edith to London to audition for a chef’s position at the Ritz. He does pretty well, but doesn’t get the position. Jimmy makes fun of him, but let’s face it, Jimmy is a douche bag and his opinion is inconsequential.

Mosely is still bitching about being demoted. Boo hoo.

Lord Grantham secretly loans money to one of the farmers behind Mary and Tom’s backs because he doesn’t want them to evict the fellow, whom he has done business with for years.

Mary finds out that Lord Gillingham asked his girlfriend to marry him and is officially engaged. She puts on a happy face, but we all know she is not doing well with it. An old friend Napier comes to visit Downton and he has a thing for Mary. He offers to have his boss Charles Blake stop by and evaluate the estate and the farms.

And it seems that Tom Branson is feeling more and more like an outcast at Downton, even mentioning that he may go and live in America.

What did you think of this episode? Will Bates blow his lid, find Green, and kill him? Who will Lady Mary choose of her suitors?