‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Edith’s Worst Nightmare

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In the latest episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey, Edith had a classic case of the sads and could you blame her? Now that Mary has Matthew on lock, after long drawn out courtship, war, and finally marriage, she is making sure to bust his balls pretty hard. Matthew doesn’t want to accept his dead ex-girlfriend Lavinia’s wealth, but because Lord Grantham blew all of his money on Canadian railroad stock Mary expects Matthew to accept the inheritance and save her family. Needless to say, Mary can be pretty annoying.

Everyone is getting ready for the quick wedding of Edith to Sir Anthony, an old dude with a missing arm. The staff is getting preparations together and Carson is especially worried about Mrs. Hughes and tells Cora about her possible illness. Can we all agree that Carson is the most adorable old man ever?

Cora is also concerned and tells Mrs. Hughes that if she is in fact ill that they want her to stay with them and have her properly cared for. Hughes gets pretty emotional with this news. Also, Thomas tricks another staff member into telling the family that O’Brien is leaving. Cora is especially upset that O’Brien hasn’t said anything to her. O’Brien figures out this game fast and corrects the error. Thomas has turned on his former BFF and it’s actually pretty awesome to witness them as enemies.

Edith’s wedding gown is absolutely stunning and I’d be so bold to say that I liked it a little more than Mary’s gown from the week prior. Her crown of ivy and beautiful veil perfectly showed off her bridal glow. That was all kind of second fiddle when Sir Anthony stopped the ceremony and told her that he was leaving her at the alter. She almost convinced him to stay, but the Dowager let him leave. It was pretty heartbreaking and on one token we do wish that they would have gone through with it, because Edith would have been happy. But then again, the writers seem to have some beautiful future lined up for her or at least we hope.

Matthew receives the letter declaring whether or not he will be inheriting Lavinia’s money, but refuses to read it. Mary secretly reads it and lets him know that the father did know of Matthew’s love for Mary more than Lavinia and still wants him to have the money. Matthew doesn’t believe it and wants further verification that the letter isn’t a fraud. Mary goes down to the kitchens and asks if anyone posted a letter for Lavinia. Daisy did indeed and all is saved. Daisy has been upset that she doesn’t get a voice or any credit. Now we are seeing how very justified those thoughts are.

Matthew approaches Lord Grantham and lets him know about the money. Robert does not accept, but instead tells him to buy Downton and be a partner in its ownership and title. This seemed very classy and like a great ending to the whole Matthew being an heir debacle.

If these writers don’t line up someone super hot for Edith to bone, we will riot.