‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Edith’s Little Surprise

Jimmy At The Beach
Ed Speleers Goes Shirtless In Miami
Edith is in a delicate situation.

In the latest episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey, Rose and Edith both have their secrets and Lord Grantham celebrated a birthday. As a surprise Rose invited her hot jazz singing secret boyfriend.

The only problem is that snarky Mary walked in on them smooching in the staff kitchen while everyone was at the birthday party.

Edith has a big problem. She was banging her boyfriend before he moved to Germany to obtain citizenship so they can be married. But the dude disappears just in time for her to find out that she is thoroughly knocked up. In her mind she has two choices, give the baby up for adoption or get a shma-shmortion. Her aunt goes with her to the clinic, but Edith decides against it.

Alfred gets a job in London as a chef. Jimmy takes Ivy on a date and gropes her in the dark on a bench outside. Very classy. Moseley finally gets hired as a footman. And Bates and Anna go on a date bumping into Lady Grantham who helps them get the best table at a fancy restaurant.

Mary is still being crushed on by Napier, who brings along his boss Charles Blake and Mary isn’t a fan of the guy.

Isobel and the Dowager are still arguing and at each other’s throats. Dr. Clarkson says that it’s “game, set, and match” for Lady Grantham. Whatever that means.

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