‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Edith & The Walk Of Shame

Downton's Jimmy At The Beach
Ed Speleers Takes It Off For The Cameras, Enjoys The Sun
Oh no she didn’t.

On this week’s episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey, Lady Edith couldn’t wait any longer to hit the hay with her future hubby, even though he is becoming a German citizen just to get into her pants party.

After last week’s heartbreaking episode, this week was more light and fun. Tom Branson is being blackmailed by Edna. Lord Gillingham proses to Mary. And Rose is dating a hot black jazz singer. Life seems to be getting better for everyone but poor Anna.

It’s the morning after Anna’s attack and she must stay calm while eating breakfast with him or else Bates is going to blow a gasket and wring the bastard’s neck. Green tells Carson that he “remember this visit for a long time”. Ick!

While Anna was being attacked in the basement, Tom was drunk and hanging out with shady ratchet Edna, who is now telling him that she might be pregnant. She wants him to marry her and if he doesn’t she’ll tell everyone about their drunken love making. He tells her to go ahead, he is willing to face the consequences. Turns out that beyotch isn’t preggers afterall. She cray!

Lady Mary, Tom, and Rose go off to London so that Mary can meet up with Lord Gillingham again and stay with Aunt Rosamund. They go to a jazz club where Rose’s date gets drunk and pukes, leaving her on the dance floor. The handsome lead singer Jack Ross dances with her and they make a connection. Because the culture of the times truly sucked, Rose is going to see some trouble for dating Jack because he is not white. Super lame. Not cool. Not right.

Anna has gone to London to help Lady Mary and avoid Bates. When she returns, she tells Mrs. Hughes that she is moving back into the house and away from her husband. She doesn’t even want him to touch her. She basically tells Bates that it’s due to marital problems.

Lord Gillingham shows back at Downton and proposes to Mary, but she declines. He says he will be waiting for her.

Isobel and Dr. Clarkson start to bond and it looks like love may be in their future. Let’s hope.

Will Daisy, Alfred, and Ivy ever figure out their shit? Doubtful. Those three are as annoying to me as they are to Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore.

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