‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Bad Luck Of The Irish

New Downton Hottie Shirtless
Footman 'James' Gets Wet & Wild At The Beach
On the latest episode of BBC’s Downton Abbey, the drama continued. Now that Edith is a single woman again, she has been seeking out advice from the Dowager about what she should do with her time. “Edith, dear, you’re a woman with a brain and reasonable ability; stop whining and find something to do!” She decides to write a controversial letter about women’s rights to the local paper much to her father’s chagrin.

If Robert thought that Edith was giving him grief with her local super stardom controversy, now Tom Branson has come back to town.

Branson is on the run from the English government for his involvement with Irish rebels. After meeting with local Irish support groups, he participated in burning down an English manor. The family has tolerated his Irish political involvement, but this time he made the mistake of leaving a pregnant Sybil behind to face the authorities. Lord Grantham then officially lost his shit. Oh, and Mary was bitching at Matthew within the first thirty seconds of the episode.

Robert went to lobby for Branson’s safety, but was only able to arrange for him to stay in England and avoid authorities. If he returns to Ireland he will be arrested on site. Rather than being grateful, Tom is all butt hurt because Sybil won’t be giving birth to their baby on Irish soil. Maybe he should of thought about that before messing with England?

Meanwhile, Matthew has been reviewing the accounting and management books for Downton Abbey and essentially finds the entire operation to be an unorganized cluster cuss. He mentions it to Robert who brushes it aside and then decides to ask the Dowager what should be done. She agrees that he will stir up some shit if her decides to follow through on changing the management and operation. But she agrees that Matthew should do what he sees proper.

Even more exciting, there is a new hottie footman afoot! Jimmmy, now forever to be called James, is really turning house maid heads. Even though Thomas was against the idea of getting another footman and refused to help Albert learn the ropes, he suddenly took a liking to James. Oh right, he is into dudes. I forget this fact sometimes due to the general douche baggery he often displays.

Mrs. Crawley is attempting to help Ethel by constantly calling her a prostitute and roping Mrs. Hughes into the mix. She tells her not to give up her son, but can’t really offer her any solutions to the money situation. In the end, Ethel gave up her son to his paternal grandparents. Hopefully she can find a way to go on with a better career choice. It was quite emotional.

Anna and Bates thought that the other person had given up on them, but found out that the guards were withholding Bates’ letters from being sent to Anna and Anna’s letters from getting to Bates. He was able to earn good favor and they both read the withheld letters with utter joy.

Now that Edith is the new Sybil, things could get really interesting. Carson didn’t seem impressed with her political letter either, but everyone else was excited for her. Hopefully this will prevent her from owning 30 stray cats and hoarding used tea bags.