‘Downton Abbey’ Carries On Through The Roaring 20s [PHOTOS]

'Downton Abbey'
The cast celebrates at the National Television Awards.
Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery filmed scenes for season three of Downton Abbey in the British countryside today (April 12th), tootin’ around in a fancy auto (now that Branson’s taken Lady Cybil with him, it’s far easier to drive oneself, despite what the Dowager Countess may say).

Speaking of cousin Violet, Masterpiece US executive producer Rebecca Eaton told viewers at a Florida screening that Dame Maggie Smith, 77, “Is a handful, it’s true. She’s very difficult.”  Hugh Bonneville contradicts Eaton’s statement by saying that “Off camera, she’s [Smith] naughty, funny and is the mistress of the flinty stare delicately edged with twinkle.”

“She knows her worth, and she’s tricky on the set, but she delivers when the time comes,” Eaton added, according to the Telegraph. Eaton confirmed that Matthew Crawley (Stevens) and Lady Mary (Dockery) marry in the third season and, as we know, Shirley MacLaine will guest star.

Unfortunately, a crucial character perishes.  “Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it,” Eaton divulged, without saying who would pass away.  “It’s the 1920s now.”

Who do you think will die in season three?  Don’t say Carson.  Please don’t say Carson.