Doug Hutchison Continues His Creep Tour While Courtney Stodden Does Her Best ‘Sexy’ Face [VIDEO]

We didn’t think interviews with Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden could get any weirder, but we were so very, very wrong.  Yesterday we watched the married couple -He, 51.  She, a mere 16 – talked to Father Albert about the power of love.  Stodden, hoping to take a page from Duchess Catherine, wore her wedding “gown” (a tarty white tube dress), her signature clear bra straps and the same shoes seen in everything from her nuptials to the Nightline and GMA interviews that aired last Friday.

E! News interviewed Sir Creeperton and his child bride, and Stodden’s sexy-time faces were on overdrive as she gave her shoulders a little shimmy and licked her lips.  So gross.

PHOTOS: Wedding Pics Of Doug Hutchinson And Courtney Stodden’s Vegas Nuptials

Stodden and Hutchinson deny that she has had any plastic surgery, a claim Dr. Paul Nassif told Celebuzz, is valid.  “Without her makeup, her face does appear younger. She does look like a teenager with her makeup off,” Nassif, who examined Stodden for her GMA interview, said.  Stodden allegedly stuffs her and uses chicken cutlets to make the girls bigger.

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