Doug Hutchison And Courtney Stodden Insist Their Love Is Genuine, Considering A Reality Show [VIDEO]

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer interviewed 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson and his 16-year-old bride, Courtney Stodden, who draws strength from her deeply-rooted Christian values.  What is it with trampy-looking ladies and religious declarations?

Hutchinson and Stodden met online when she signed up for his acting class.  The two spoke frequently and developed a relationship from there.  Hutchinson told Spencer that Stodden’s mother, Krista monitored their online interactions, making sure that nothing inappropriate (besides a 51-year-old man talking to a 16-year-old girl) was going on.  The couple told Spencer that they “fell in love without ever meeting each other in person,” and it was Krista who suggested they get hitched.

“I’m very mature for my age.  I’m an old soul,” Stodden said through 5 or so layers of frosted makeup.  References to God were abundant, but we have to wonder what impure thoughts were running through Stodden’s mind as she stared at Hutchinson’s cheek around minute 4:51.  What’s with the face and constant lip smacking?

“Courtney’s plastic surgeon was God,” Hutchinson insisted amid allegations (read: proof) that the child bride has had any work done.  Since Stodden had to drop out of school due to bullying, she’ll enroll in an online Christian school from home.  Stodden and Hutchinson are mulling over a reality show, as this is the next step in sustaining a healthy marriage.

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This is lamentable on too many levels.  What’s left to check off the list when you’re already married at sixteen?  No more summer vacations, no more silly teenage experiences like overdoing it on the Schnaps and puking all over your friend’s mom’s car.  Hutchinson stole Stodden’s youth, and she’s too naive and stupid to realize it.

And then there are her parents…